My Services

Finding a therapist can be a difficult undertaking even under the calmest of times, but usually one is looking for support during distress or hard times.


I provide individual therapy to children 6+, tweens, teens, and adults, and I also provide couples and family therapy as well as groups. I am an Art Therapist and Adoption-Competent.

I gently facilitate the expression of grief, often expressed as sad, anxious, angry, lonely, guilty, relieved, isolated, confused, or numb.

I provide therapy to help process history, manage trauma, relationships, grief, and loss.

Active art-making, creative process, applied psychological theory, and human experience within a psychotherapeutic relationship.

It takes time to recover and that ongoing response to trauma is normal. You are not forgetting the traumatic experience, but healing means having fewer symptoms that affect you less.

I help families to build/reinforce attachment through treatment.

Group work provides a dynamic and supportive setting to learn, share, and work through sometimes difficult issues alongside others facing similar situations.

Interacting with works of art in the gallery space adds a unique dimension to the art therapy process and is believed to enhance participant experience.

I provide answers to questions about considering adoption or fostering, how to be an effective parent, how to talk with your child/adult about their adoption story.


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