Your parenting journey is both unique to you and your family and a shared and timeless human growth process. It is formed moment by moment, choice by choice and accumulates into a general relationship pattern that serves as the template your child will use to interact with the world, in turn, over time.

Emotional and behavioral issues are of real concern for increasing numbers of families. And the evidence is mounting that when stress is high for either the child or the parent, good support is needed for both. But you’ve probably noticed it’s not always easy to give parents useful, actionable information and help in a therapeutic setting so that both they and their children can move forward.

The Parenting Journey

I work with you as a caregiver to foster connection, help set limits, and build a stronger parent-child connection. This strong emotional bond is the hallmark of happy, well-adjusted families. It’s also the soundest way to a better society.

In my work with families, I look to Attachment Parenting, Hand-In-Parenting, and Peaceful Parenting techniques to aid my clients. The goal is that these techniques grow with you as a family, supporting you through all stages.

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