Throughout the course of history, museums have turned from displays of collections to educational and social institutes. In recent years, museums have introduced various activities like interactive tours, theatrical plays, late-night parties, yoga lessons or workshops to stay in touch with the ever-changing society. In this context, museums expand their practices in to more engaging community programs that depict social issues and have an impact.

One of these practices is the art therapy programs. Relatively new to the field of museums, art therapy allows visitors to look for new creative experiences and at the same time it can provide psychological benefits. Different than clinical, outpatient, inpatient, school-based, and other forms of more traditional art therapy, museum art therapy happens through an interdisciplinary collaboration that might often involve education, access, and public programs.

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My Programming
I am a trained art therapist using work in galleries and museums therapeutically.

I will soon launch a pilot program called Experience Art: Museum-based Art Therapy with Westmont Counseling Center. It is open to members of vulnerable communities in Los Angeles. This group will visit Los Angeles arts organizations to experience art and discuss how it can help heal and build resilience together. Send me a message for more information.

I also include museum-based art therapy with my individual clients, utilizing the advantages of online therapy to experience work from many different museum collections.

If you are interested in how I can bring museum/gallery-based art therapy to your institution, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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